Black Tomato Gin 50cl

Black Tomato Gin 50cl

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Black Tomato Gin is made using black tomatoes and a few drops of sea water—definitely not what comes to mind when you think of gin! The fruits mentioned in the name are, in fact, a real thing—black tomatoes, which look exactly like you’d expect them to: deep black with a green stem that gives them an almost sinister appearance, so what better way than the current craft gin movement to introduce them to the world? Black Tomato Gin comes from Zeeland in the Netherlands, made in a distillery set close to the coast, which explains the added salinity. It’s made from four basic constituents: black tomatoes, juniper berries, fresh and purified salt water, and one secret ingredient as well—an herb, maybe, or botanical, that brings a distinctive flavour that you can’t quite put your finger on. The black tomatoes are grown in the southernmost part of Sicily, where the salty groundwater makes for sumptuous fruits, and when they’re ripe they are crushed and mixed with neutral spirit, which is filtered and distilled. The distillate is then combined with separate distillates made from juniper and the secret ingredient, and the combo of the three is doused in salt water and stretched with grain alcohol and purified water. And voila—you’ve got Black Tomato Gin. Despite the name, the flavour isn’t like biting into a tomato, rather it’s more focused on the green, vine-y aspects of a tomato plant. And even though it’s a gin, the juniper plays second fiddle to the black tomato and secret ingredient, which lends a floral element to the whole concoction. The salt water comes in delicate, savoury doses, and nicely ties the whole thing together. Best enjoyed neat, Black Tomato Gin also goes well with tonic water and ice, where the tomato part actually intensifies because of the bitterness of the tonic. An altogether taste sensation you should definitely try at least once.
• Black Tomato Gin is made from black tomatoes, juniper, and a secret ingredient, with added salt water
• Unique floral-inspired craft gin is one of a kind, and made in the Netherlands
• The flavour is green and tomato-like, with hints of berries and botanicals with a dash of savoury saltiness
• Best enjoyed neat, but also delicious with tonic or however you want to mix it—be creative!

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