12 Dec 2018

Dessert spirits for Christmas

Getting into the Christmas spirits

Author James Walters - 12th December 2018

Christmas – that time when it’s totally acceptable when you polish off way too much food, dive in for seconds and then have three different kinds of dessert. Sometimes (all the time), it can be a little tough when you roll away from the dining table having had such a delicious, if overindulgent, meal.

What could possibly make this better? Well, how about making those many desserts with some dessert liqueur to give them a bit of an extra Christmas-y punch? The busy Christmas elves at the drinks’ companies have come up with several tasty liquid treats that can be the perfect accompaniment or ingredient in a number of Christmas delicacies.

And before you mention it, I’m not talking just about your aunt’s Christmas pudding doused in brandy then set alight for 30 seconds. I mean something a little more fun and exciting. Why not push the boat out a little bit?

To help inspire your creativity, here are a few ideas that come to mind:

The Christmas brownie

Everyone loves chocolate brownie, but why not step it up a notch? Take your average chocolate brownie, and give it the Christmas treatment. Once it’s made, you could drizzle some salted caramel tequila over it, dust it with some icing sugar and drop a few chocolate truffle balls on it. If that sounds a little over-the-top, you could always just serve it with the tequila. This beauty is perfect for sipping.

Strawberries and cream with a kick

After something a little simpler and quicker? Strawberries and cream is a classic, but you can light it up with a little of your own spark. Throw some Bailey’s Strawberry and Cream liqueur in the mix when you’re making it and you’ll have people wondering what you did to make it taste sooo good. Just keep this one away from the kids.

Boozy Forest trifle

Why not spice up your Black Forest trifle with a little gin? But not just any gin – we’re talking about rhubarb gin of either the Edwards variety or bramley and rhubarb mix. Simply soak the cherries in the gin overnight before putting the trifle together the next day. It’ll give it a bit of a kick while still adding to the foresty flavours.

There’s plenty of options when it comes to what kind of desserts you want to make with a little extra . Or, failing that, you can provide the drinks as a dessert in their own right. Your guests may be feeling the pinch of the waistband, so why not offer a liquid alternative? Those handy Christmas elves have your back.


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