London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week

You all know I like a drink. You all know I like a fair few drinks. The drink I am most fussy with is a cocktail. I remember sitting in sunny climes from the Caribbean to the coast of California and thinking I have been served something where you can fall in love with a jellyfish, with things floating around that look like seaweed and oyster shells. But things on that front are starting to change as this week it is London Cocktail Week.


Already you have bars in like the Alchemist and Botanist that serve up spectacular cocktails, and I mean all singing all dancing. And this week there things that are about to get better because this week it is London Cocktail Week.

I have always been tempted with the occasional cocktail during the summer months, but sadly for us in the UK as usual summer never came. It is Autumn, kind of like Winter really.

So, as I have done many times before I went on Google. And decided to make a winter cocktail or two in preparation of London Cocktail Week. The first is a Ginger Margarita using Don Julio Blanco,  served on the rocks with lime juice, ginger beer and tequila. Remember to rim the glass first, lime and salt should do the trick and stir carefully. This one will keep your insides warm.
The second and my favourite was a Mai Tai Me, add your choice of Rum and Cointreau, mix with pineapple juice, grenadine, lime juice and sugar and serve over ice. This one will cheer you up during those grey day and cold nights.


But the options are endless as the beauty about cocktails is that you can have any flavour or spirt that tickles your fancy, from Rum to Tequila, and from Banana to Beetroot. And that is why at we are giving you amazing deals with 10% of products, such as of Rums on Tuesday, Vodka on Wednesday,  Whisky on Thursday,  Gin on Friday. And to make things better we are offering free P&P all weekend.

Enjoy London Cocktail Week. Be good and be brave. Try them all. Make it home safely because there are more great cocktails to be had all day this week.