Mothers Day

It’s that special day, Mother’s Day.  The day that, in yesteryear, was a nice and cosy day at home with good food and your favourite tipple.  Recently though it has really become a bit of a pain. Restaurants are fully booked, flowers are overpriced, and buying a gift for your mother is also a frustrating process.

However, we at The Drinks Basket have sorted all of that out, well almost all of it.
We cannot provide flowers, nor do I recommend them. All you do is end up feeding and watering them, a bit like a Tamagotchi and we know how that ended, also not great for hayfever sufferers, now who doesn’t know a hayfever sufferer?
We cannot sort the restaurant bit out, but we can provide you with your favourite tipple straight to your front door.
And leading on from that, we can help in providing the perfect gift (gift wrapped or not). The Drinks Basket can provide you with a huge variety of quality products ranging from the old favourites to the uniquely sourced from all corners of the globe.

The perfect alcoholic drinks are dependent on one’s taste and we have a variety of champagnes, wines, vodkas, whisky, gins and other fine drinks that we can have gift wrapped together with  a handwritten note to your loved ones. We also have some great special offers available on the website to celebrate Mother’s Day and any other occasion or even a non-occasion!

My favourites this time round are Cîroc Pink Grapefruit Vodka, for me this luxury vodka is the perfect vodka which you can have straight or mixed, it is also perfect for a cocktail with its sweet and sour edge. This is available at a special discounted price of £24.99.
Another one that also seems to hit the spot with the ladies in my life is the Silent Pool Gin, this for me exudes vibrancy, flavour and an exotic edge, made with 24 botanicals, it is just an amazing release of flavours from the first to the last sip.  This, like the Cîroc Vodka, is ideal for a fabulous cocktail or a simple G&T and is, in addition to a few select others, current onspecial offer at The Drinks Basket.
And if you fancy a good champagne, why not go for a true vintage like the Dom Perignon 2006 Vintage, which came to us after a summer of indifferent weather providing a unique but highly special grape, this is a drink that can really make an occasion special.

And remember we have many other specials, have a browse, and if you are still unsure or cannot find something you like, feel free to drop us a line or email and we will do everything we can to help! Oh, and a bit of Mother’s Day guidance, don’t make the mistake I did in ordering the mother-in-law a Vodka, not any old Vodka, but the aptly named Deaths Door.  She hasn’t spoken to me since (think I’m off the funeral invite list), well then again that is not such a bad thing. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mums out there.