Happy Memories. Bad Memories. Unforgettable evenings. Forgotten mornings. That is what I remember from the days of drinking vodka before I took my ‘vodka sabbatical’.  That ended recently, and what a time to end it as we enter a new era of great vodka products, from distinguished classics like Smirnoff, Cîroc and Belvedere, to the new Eastern European vodkas to hit our shores such as Zoladkowa and Krupnik. However, my personal favourite by a long way has to be Soplica from Poland.

Soplica is not actually a new vodka as I am sure many of you ardent Vodka champions are aware, but it is growing in popularity and very good reasons. Soplica was created by a man called Boleslaw Kasprowicz, something about that name screams intelligence, in that regards intelligence strikes again. The vodka distillery was established in 1881 and Kasprowicz personally prepared the recipes of these products, and those recipes are still being used today. Why change an award-winning formula?

Here at The Drinks Basket we have 8 varieties of Soplica from raspberry to plum, and form walnut to the new honey flavoured vodka. The warm flavours a delight all year round, the variety allows you to enjoy them neat or mixed with a diverse choice of mouth-watering cocktails. Why not give it a try?

And remember. Alcohol should not be the most used word in vodkabulary. And if you look it up on whiskypedia it will say that if you drink too much its likely to tequil-ya. That is our way of saying drink responsibly. But not too responsibly that’s boring, click on the link below and pick yourself up a bottle of vodka, Soplica perhaps or whichever tickles your fancy.  See our range of Soplica