Boodles British Mulberry Gin 70cl

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  • ABV: 30%
  • Closure: Screw
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Boodles British Mulberry Gin is a fresh interpretation of sloe gin, a British classic that’s a staple holiday tipple. Boodles Mulberry Gin is as British as it gets—their name comes from the London gentlemen’s club which counted Sir Winston Churchill Himself as one of its most esteemed members—but stuffy it is not. It starts with the brand’s traditional blend of herbs and botanicals, which includes juniper, rosemary, nutmeg and sage, but instead of sloe berries, Boodles British Mulberry Gin uses mulberries, delicately sweet and tart, especially when combined with notes of raspberry and currant. Its colour is a stunning red, almost purplish, that adds a bright, festive edge to a variety of drinks. And speaking of—Boodles British Mulberry Gin can be enjoyed both hot and cold, so prepare for quite an impressive lineup of mixing options. Whip up a proper punch by pairing up with apple cider, orange juice, a splash of lemon, cloves, and some cinnamon, or go half-and-half with whisky for a new take on the Bloodhound. Want something lighter? Add one part Boodles British Mulberry Gin to three parts prosecco or Champagne, and a hot pink delight called a Boodles Royale you shall have.

  • Gin made with mulberries instead of sloe berries from classic British name Boodles
  • Bright red/purple in colour, with a sweet and tart flavour that lends itself nicely to a variety of cocktails and punches
  • Can be enjoyed hot or cold