Eden Mill Love Gin 50cl

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  • ABV: 42%
  • Closure: Swing Top
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Eden Mill Love Gin is a pink gin made by Scottish distillers Eden Mill. Its rosy, blushy hue comes from a variety of pink-inclined botanicals, including rose petals and hibiscus flower. If you’ve ever had hibiscus tea, you’ll know better what to expect—an enigmatic blend of sweet and tart essences that’s both mouthwatering and mysterious. The unique flavour of Eden Mill Gin is thanks to a whole lot more, a complex formula with an ingredients list that reads more like a recipe for perfume. In addition to the usual gingredients, like juniper and citrus notes, the folks at Eden Mill also throw in a few fruity and floral factors, like marshmallow root, goji berries, raspberry leaf, and a slew of other locally-sourced botanicals, as well as exotic fruits. What you’re left with is one elegant formula that blushes when you look at it. The first thing you’ll notice about Eden Mill Love Gin is how fragrant it is, with the aroma of fresh-cut roses and sweet berry notes. On the palate it heats up a bit, as a good gin should, tempered with the sweetness of sliced strawberries and a touch of creamy vanilla. The finish is sharp and sweet, truly unmistakable. You can enjoy Eden Mill Love Gin a variety of ways—the most obvious being with tonic water, where you’ll notice the sweet vanilla and floral notes become even more prominent. Try with elderflower tonic for an even more floral experience, or take your favourite dry martini into exotic new territory by using Eden Mill Love Gin. • Eden Mill Love Gin is made by St. Andrews-based Scottish distillers • Unique pink formula takes its colour from a variety of botanicals, including rose petals and hibiscus flower • Sweet and floral formula is delicate and exotic, and makes for a variety of interesting cocktails • Great gift idea for the gin lover