Eden Mill Oak Cask Aged Gin 50cl

  • ABV: 42%
  • Closure: Swing Top
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Eden Mill Oak Cask Aged Gin comes from Scotland’s original single-site brewery and distillery, who used their expertise in all things distilled to develop this unique formula—a gin aged in oak beer barrels that’s truly a one-of-a-kind tipple. Eden Mill Oak Cask Aged Gin starts its production like a normal gin, powered by the usual blend of botanicals we gin-lovers know all about: juniper berries, angelica root, coriander, and more. Then after distillation, the formula moves to the brand’s own oak beer barrels, where it sits for a couple of weeks and gently ages. What comes out is Eden Mill Oak Cask Aged Gin, light golden in colour, with a nice supporting cast of flavours and essences taken from the oak that gives it amazing depth and texture. Nice and warming on the palate, the oak is immediately noticeable. Then you’ll pick up on notes of caramel, vanilla, sweet sugarcane, and a touch of spicy ginger, followed by a touch of richly spice fruits, cinnamon, star anise, clove, and rich fudge. One especially interesting part of Eden Mill Oak Cask Aged Gin is how the oaky dryness actually complements the core juniper flavour, so if you’re a fan of juniper-led gins, you’ll definitely appreciate this one. Unsurprisingly, the folks at Eden Mill have concocted a way to enjoy their Oak Cask Aged Gin that’s just as unique as the formula itself—the Mate Date cocktail, an interesting take on the classic espresso martini. This mix of coffee, coffee liqueur, sugar syrup, and Eden Mill Oak Cask Aged Gin perfectly marries together the richness of coffee to the spice of the gin. But don’t hesitate to experiment on your own. • Eden Mill Oak Cask Aged Gin is gently matured in oak beer barrels, imparting a golden colour and variety of dry, spicy flavours • This unique gin is perfect enjoyed a variety of ways, from sipped on the rocks to forming the base of today’s trendy artisan cocktails • Ideal as a gift for the dedicated gin lover