2 x Fever Tree Soda Water 20cl

  • ABV: 0%
  • Closure: Bottle Top
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A light and refreshing mixer that is ideal for pairing with a great quality Whisky, Fever Tree?s Soda Water has been made with enhancing your drinking experience in mind. First, natural spring water is treated with a high carbonation which results in the tiny bubbles that make this mixer feel silky-smooth to drink. Then there is an addition of a dash of bicarbonate of soda to add a mineral taste which pairs perfectly with spirits. And that?s it! This premium soda makes your spirit a star of the show while quietly bringing out all its best flavour notes. Completely calorie free and neutral in taste it is idea mixed with a favourite spirit or used for topping up any number of refreshing cocktails. Serve chilled or with ice for a cool and crisp drinking experience. These handy mini bottles mean you always have the right amount of soda water on hand for a single drink and are ideal for picnics or events. Available in multiples, these mixers are perfect as part of any drink?s cabinet, so why not stock up today?