Glenfiddich Winter Storm Batch 2 Whisky 70cl

  • ABV: 43.4%
  • Closure: Cork
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Glenfiddich Distilleries brings yet another ingenious and innovative Scotch whisky to the market with Glenfiddich Winter Storm Batch 2 whisky. For this, Malt Master Brian Kinsman headed to Canada to explore a vineyard where they produce ice-wine. Intrigued by the possibilities he set about experimenting with the whisky making process, drawing inspiration from the famous icewines. 

The final outcome was the result of filling French oak ice-wine casks with Glenfiddich aged malts. Kinsman learned that only the rarer whiskies – those that had been aged for 21 years – were able to handle the intense influence of the ice-wine process

Ice-wine is produced from grapes that are picked while still frozen, resulting in a sweeter taste. With aged whisky, the time spent in casks means more tannins and when laid down for an icewine cask finish it brings out fresh notes of lycée rather than an overly sweet sensation.  

The long-anticipated second batch is a limited-edition release, which combines the heightened sweetness of ice-wine with the oakiness expected of a Glenfiddich.