Half Hitch Earl Grey Tea Gin 70cl

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  • ABV: 40%
  • Closure: Cork
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Half Hitch Gin is a unique formulation that blends a high quality gin base with tinctures of black tea, pepper, hay, wood, and bergamot. Immediately, two of those things should pop out at you—black tea and bergamot—essentially, Earl Grey tea. This, we assure you, is intentional, as both go awesomely well with the botanicals that make gin gin, namely juniper, cassia bark, angelica root, coriander seed, and citrus peels. Half Hitch Gin comes to us from good old Camden in London, once one of the capital’s gin hotspots, where it starts as 100% British grain spirit that’s copper pot distilled. Then the fun begins. The folks at Half Hitch Gin add handcrafted tinctures of ingredients chosen from around the world for their quality and unique characteristics, like Malawian black tea and bergamot from Calabria in Italy, to form the essence that gives this gin its distinction. The flavour is unique—perfumed, earthy, complex, and very aromatic. On the palate, it’s light and citrus, supported by notes of spicy, fresh cracked pepper and dominant juniper. Certainly not simply Earl Grey tea. Half Hitch Gin is rich and complex, with a long, lingering finish that leaves you curious. It’s stellar in a gin & tonic, as the bitterness of the tonic and citrus of the lime make for an exceptionally refreshing twist.

  • Half Hitch Gin is a small-batch craft gin that’s blended with tinctures of black tea, bergamot, pepper, wood, and hay to give it a unique, aromatic quality
  • Reminiscent of Earl Grey tea, with more complex notes
  •  Ideal served with tonic and a slice of lime
  • Award-winning formula