Jefferson's Bourbon Whiskey 70cl

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Jefferson’s Bourbon is made in ‘ridiculously small batches,’ as the company puts it, to allow it to fully develop the unique flavours from the wood used in each single-barrel formula. Each batch of Jefferson’s Bourbon is made from up to four different Kentucky straight bourbon whiskies of varying ages, expertly combined to create a unique, full-bodied flavour profile. The nose is rich with sweet notes of vanilla and salty caramel, while the palate offers warm honey, burnt sugar and tangy citrus notes. It’s then aged in specially-modified barrels to render a smooth, yet pleasantly complex formula that makes Jefferson’s Bourbon a satisfying sipper for the connoisseur as well as welcoming to the newbie. This unique method of production was developed by Jefferson’s Bourbon co-founded Chet Zoeller, a famed bourbon historian, who named the brand after Thomas Jefferson.