Puerto De Indias Strawberry Gin 70cl

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  • ABV: 37.5%
  • Closure: Screw
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Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin turns this classic tipple up a few fruity notches with the inclusion of strawberries, grown in the Andalusian region of Huelva—where some say the best strawberries in the world come from. When you think about it, strawberry gin just makes sense. In the same way that gin is a complex amalgam of flavours, strawberries are just as interesting—they’re sweet, yet tart; crisp, yet juicy. And legend has it that Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin came to be because of an error made by the brand’s master distiller, who set out to make a strawberry liqueur, but ended up with this. Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin is light and fruity, the sweet notes of strawberry nicely playing off the more refreshing aspects of the gin. You’ll immediately notice how the citrus and liquorice flavours of the gin really come to life, and there’s something to be said about how well the strawberry goes with the gin’s signature juniper. There are many ways to enjoy Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin, and we say be adventurous! If you want to be traditional, splash it over ice with your favourite tonic and garnish with sliced strawberries. Mix it up into your summer punches for an even more refreshing take on the classic fruit cup. Or if you’re really into experiencing Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin full-on, why not go for a martini, and enjoy the pink hue while you’re at it?

  • Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin is made with strawberries
  • Refreshing and fruity, the flavour of the strawberry is great with the juniper and citrus notes of the gin
  • This versatile flavoured gin can be enjoyed a variety of ways, from a traditional gin and tonic to creative summer cocktails
  • Made in Spain by the historic Puerto de Indias distillery in Seville