Santero 958 Calavera Extra Dry Spumante 75cl

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With a striking, bold bottle design comes this fully sparkling wine from Italian vintners Santaro. Located in the Monferrato hills, in the heartland of Italian winemaking, the four Santero brothers set out to create elegant, high quality wine with a modern twist. Adorned with a skull, the name Calavera giving a nod to that, this bottle is a prime example of how each bottle from this winery stands out as its own artistic masterpiece. With a nod to the contemporary, this so-called Spumante differs slightly from a Prosecco in that it has a full rather than partial fizz. Perfect for serving as an aperitif or alongside delicate fish and white meat dishes, this is a white wine with a crisp, effervescent flavour that is best well chilled.