The East India Company London Dry Gin 70cl

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The East India Company London Dry Gin 70cl


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The East India Company







The East India Company London Dry Gin comes from that East India Company, the one that's been bringing us exotic spices and teas for centuries, so one could say this gin is hundreds of years in the making. Aside from being one terrific gin, the East India Company London Dry Gin pays homage to its heritage in so many ways, from the bottle itself, reminiscent of fine white bone china, to the coin depicted on the cork, to the lines on the label, which mark the expansive trade routes covered by the East India Company over the years. Now, onto the stuff inside. East India Company London Dry Gin is classic, yet contemporary, bringing traditional notes of juniper and citrus and supplementing them with exotic notes of galangal, cocoa, nutmeg, ginger, and other warming spices. The exquisite dryness is perfectly balanced by pungent citrus, making this one a top contender for enjoying with some tonic, ice and a slice. Something as beautifully crafted as East India Company London Dry Gin deserves to be sipped au naturel at times too, so if you're into gin neat or extra dry martinis, this will be your go-to bottle. There is such a romantic quality about gin in general, and the East India Company London Dry Gin covers all the bases—elegance, uniqueness, and versatility—that makes it one of the best we've ever had.

  • Made by the East India Company, famous for importing teas and exotic spices for hundreds of years
  • East India Company London Dry Gin is made in London, using a select blend of traditional botanicals as well as a few unique additions, including cocoa, ginger, and galangal
  • Premium quality gin can be enjoyed a variety of ways, from a traditional gin and tonic to a martini, and everything in between
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