The London No1 Gin 70cl

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The London No1 Gin 70cl


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The first thing you’ll notice about The London No 1 Gin is that it’s blue—a soft shade of turquoise, to be exact, owing to the addition of gardenia flowers that’s part of its true-to-tradition recipe. As its name suggests, The London No 1 Gin is actually distilled in London, a small batch gin that retains the base combination of 12 key botanicals, herbs, and essences from around the world. There’s the usual juniper, angelica, cinnamon, orange peel, almond, coriander, cassia root, iris root, liquorice, lemon peel, and savoury, but there’s one thing, a little something extra, that gives it an unmistakable character: bergamot. Perhaps most recognisable as the citrus edge of Earl Grey tea, bergamot’s dry, zesty flair adds both flavour and perfume, setting the London No 1 Gin aside from so many others in the craft gin category. A slightly higher ABV of 47% helps the bergamot come to life even more, sending the aroma wafting around the delicate blue liquid, and giving the gin a velvety soft, elegant mouthfeel. This stuff is pure sophistication, so enjoy with something like a dry martini, where the strength and aromatic quality of The London No 1 Gin can really fly. • Classic London Dry Gin distilled in the heart of London • Slight blue colour comes from macerated gardenia flowers • Bergamot oil lends a dry, citrus edge reminiscent of Earl Grey tea • Great gin for martinis as well as tall drinks
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