Amarula Vanilla Spice Cream Liqueur 70cl

  • ABV: 15.5
  • Closure: Screw
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Legend has it that the elephant on the bottle of this sweet and creamy Amarula is a nod towards the Africa Elephants who like to tuck into the fruits from which it is made. Apparently, they love it so much that the marula fruit is often dubbed ?The elephant tree? because of it. Made in Africa using only genuine, home grown ingredients, Amarula has a sweet and exotic taste, with subtle notes of creamy vanilla and warm spice. The marula fruit from which it is distilled is similar to passionfruit or ripe pears giving a fresh tasting and exotic edge. Serve this decadent liqueur simply on its own over ice or add a twist to a hot latte. For those of the more creative nature this great tasting liqueur also has possibilities to make some lovely tasting, exotic cocktails.