Burns Night.

Burns Night.

So, there is a national holiday approaching and when better time than in the month of January. Following the struggles of getting back into the routine we have the most fortunate of national holidays all thanks to Mr Robert Burns. As I struggle to write much about Mr Burns, I turn my attention to the font of all knowledge, my wife.  And in typical spouse fashion she devastates me abruptly with some shocking news; we do not get a day off in England or anywhere else for that matter, Burns Night only applies to those in sunny Scotland.

Anyway, I did learn a bit about Robert Burns, basically he was a very smart individual, and he composed some of the worlds most recognisable songs and poems, don’t recognise many of them to be honest. Despite his short life Burns left a huge catalogue of poetry and songs that have been poured over, enjoyed, and spoken aloud for over 200 years, still prefer Grime if I am honest. His timeless words have echoed throughout the generations, inspiring people from every walk of life. Clearly hasn’t reached me yet.

Anyway, from what I did read my personal favourite is Tam O’Shanter which tells the story of a drunken Scot who has a supernatural encounter while riding home from a late-night drinking session. Sound familiar? Of course, it does. Because it does happen, I still remember bumping into the Marshmallow Man on the London Underground after a heavy nights drinking, actually thinking about it could have been my date for the night!

Ok back to business, that brings me to TheDrinksBasket and some special products to celebrate the wonderful world of Robert Burns.

The starting point has to be Robert Burns Single Malt Whisky which is a fantastic edition of the Arran Single Malt, this has been distilled by combining different ages to produce a stunning whisky that is smooth, malty and sweet with a delicious spicy twist. Remember this is the official Robert Burns whisky, so why not raise a glass and toast Scotland’s national poet and favourite son.

Another great purchase is The Arran Malt 10-Year-Old Gift Pack which includes two lovely nosing glasses. In a way after consuming this bottle and the above I have to say I now think this is my favourite of the two. Primarily because when you do have an initial taste it’s like a whirlwind from cinnamon to citrus with a neat spicy edge. This is definitely one for a whisky fan it is full of character and a drink that will want you wanting more. And of course I did. Probably why this blog is two days late.

Happy Birthday Mr Burns.