Ghouls and Ghosts

Always disliked Ghouls and Ghosts. Clowns scare me too. As would dinosaurs but that’s for another day. It is Halloween, on top of the scary things it also means winter is well and truly amongst us, hopefully without ghosts, and you probably know I do not really get on well with winter.

When I was a kid Halloween was celebrated like you’d celebrate a morning assembly singing Kumbaya. You wouldn’t and you didn’t. Now however in the world of commercialism and welcomed capitalism Halloween has got a little bit brasher. Which is a good thing as it means now get drunk and say you’re celebrating Satan himself. The wonderful chap that his. I am sure if I carry on trying all these products I will soon be joining him.
Just a side note, wondering if anyone remembers Ghost Watch on BBC1 many years ago. Never has anything frightened me as much as that. Find it, watch it and sleep on a wet mattress like I did for 6 months.

Ok back to the job in hand. On a happier celebratory note. At The Drinks Basket we have some scary offers coming your way. My favourite, as it was last year is Crystal Head Vodka, not only beautiful aesthetically it is a Canadian masterpiece, a vodka that is distilled 4 times and then filtered through crystals. The best thing about it is that there are no additives, making it simply a pure spirit. They have some fantastic recipes on their website with my favourite being ‘I’m into Ginger’.  Mix with Orange Liqueur like a Cointreau, Ginger Beer and Cranberry Juice. We have this at only £37.99.
Secondly it is a unique treat and not a trick, I give you Carnival Salted Caramel Tequila. This smooth and fragrant tequila with a scrumptious caramel flavour is a perfect mixer in any winter warming cocktail. Trust me this is one worth trying.
Last but not least is Naga Chilli Vodka, I will tell you a secret, not a massive one as it is plastered on the website but we have this at an eye-watering (I am proud of that one) £25.99. And that is all varieties from 250k – 100k Scovilles now that is a lot of heat but good heat, you know why? It is because it is alcoholic heat. This Vodka is a lot of fun, enjoy it!
Have a happy Halloween folks and keep warm and watch out for Red Balloons.