Guy Fawkes

It is 1605 and Guy Fawkes travels all the way down from York to completely mess things up. And to make matters worse it was because there was a snitch in his ranks. And remember there wasn’t no M1 in them days so extra effort points, although don’t think that in its current state would help matters.

Anyway, before I rant about speed restrictions back to Dat-Guy, after all this effort, he was ‘hanged, drawn & quartered’ and that is not cockney rhyming slang for slaughtered. Yet come to think about it the 5th of November is better remembered than the Queen’s Birthday.

Strange that because he failed miserably. However, I cannot provide any more on the subject as I never listened much at school.

But we have a reason to celebrate in the form of alcohol and fireworks, the latter generally do disappointment as you see your £100 investment disappear in a puff of smoke. So, I am going to suggest investing that £100 on something that you will enjoy a lot more.

Your first investment should be Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire Cinnamon this is heart-warming with a blend of Old No.7 Whiskey and cinnamon liqueur, this will keep you happy not because it available at £20.99 but you can enjoy this neat while standing on the step-ladder in your garden overlooking your neighbours ‘investment’ disappear quicker than you can say Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire Cinnamon.

Now thinking frugal, sounds like a word that Dat-Guy would say. My second investment, now that you have hopefully got rid of the real pumpkin would be a Baileys Pumpkin Spice.  This carries on the Cinnamon theme, but this is a special drink with a lot of ways to mix it up, you could have this in coffee, or in winter warming cocktail or the simple way, neat. This available at £17.99. Take advantage as like the plot this offer will not last long.

Finally the third step in The Drinks Basket sponsored investment programme is a Moet et Chandon Brut.  This for me is one of the best pound-for-pound champagnes around, I really do not need to say more. This is available at only £27.99, which takes your grand total to around £67 quid.

So that leaves you with plenty of change to invest in a sparkler or two. And if you do why not stick it in a drink, that seems hip again these days. Be safe and keep your distance from the fireworks, but not from the alcohol.

Thanks again Dat-Guy.