Happy Father's Day

Ah, father’s day. The one gift-giving holiday of the year you could get away with giving dear ol’ dad a cheeky necktie or mug. Or so you thought. Boy, have times changed, and so have expectations (and for the record, no matter how personalised, a mug never cuts it). As your father enjoys a lie-in on Father’s day morning, surfing the internet on his iPad, it will become clear that “it’s the thought that counts” doesn’t hold up anymore. Nowadays, dads are smarter, and their expectations higher, so you’d better tune-up your gift-giving game in a hurry.

Where does that leave you? Aftershave is too personal—what if he doesn’t like it?—and when it comes to films and music, all that can be done digitally now so no chance of scoring points with a DVD.

Thankfully, us guys here at The Drinks Basket will get you sorted with the perfect father’s day gift in no time. We’ve done the research, and although there will always be an occasion for some of the awesome new spirits that are winning prizes for their uniqueness left and right, when it comes to an old classic like your dad, nothing beats the old classics like rum, single-malt whiskey, bourbon, gin, and scotch.

First up, an old reliable—single malt scotch—and for this we’ve got Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old Islay Single Malt. Aged for 12 years, this one ticks of all the boxes: it’s got a good, solid body, unmistakable flavour, and is just complex enough to be a satisfying match for both the well-conditioned single-malt connoisseur as well as the beginner. If you’re taking a chance here and getting your dad a bottle of scotch because you think he’s always wanted one, you can’t go wrong with Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old Islay Single Malt.

Next up we’ve got not one, but two sweet recommendations for the rum lover. Plantation’s 6 10cl Sampler Pack gives you six of the iconic rum maker’s top aged formulations packed in a cigar box, with cigar suggestions for each one to boot—talk about the well-rounded experience! Rum is enjoying quite a moment right now, and this set is the best hands-on way to learn the basics. It includes Plantation 3 Stars, Trinidad 2001, Jamaica 2001, Guatemala & Belize Gran Anejo, Barbados 5 Year Old Grande Reserve, and XO Barbados 20th Anniversary. Also from Plantation we have to plug the Plantation XO 20th Anniversary gift set. Presented in a decanter bottle, this one has quite a story, as it’s aged twice—once in Barbados, then again in Cognac, France—which gives it incredible flavour, depth and aroma. It also comes with two glasses, so not only will dad enjoy drinking it, he’ll also look great doing it.

If dear old dad is a bourbon fan, we’ve got a real game-changer here. Let’s just say there is bourbon, there is good bourbon, then there is Willet Pot Still reserve Single Barrel Bourbon. This high-flier comes in a bottle shaped like the pot still used to make it, and follows an old recipe that’s earned it a place par excellence on the premium bourbon shelf. Famous for its complex aroma and palate, that includes notes ranging from jasmine to cinnamon to toffee to banana, it might very well reprogram even the most discerning bourbon lover’s list.

Want an all-around good scotch that’s guaranteed to get the job done? Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is a winner on all fronts. It’s a blend of Speyside and Highland whiskies that has a nice, creamy core to it balanced out by an indulgent smokiness and fruity finish. Another one that’s great for both the ‘intro to scotch’ guy as well as one who knows his stuff, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is sure to get two thumbs up, plus it comes in a fancy shiny box that saves you the wrapping.

If your dad is more of a G&T fan, give him something with a little more ‘J’ to shake things up! Sipsmith VJOP Gin is formulated with a slightly higher proof to really let the juniper notes take the lead. A gin lover’s gin, the recipe stays true to tradition, but just with a bit more focus on the particular essence that gives gin its unmistakable edge.

Even though we can honestly say these five are tried-and-true father approved, they’re just a starting point. Feel free to read up more on what makes each one unique, and to see what else is making headlines in each category. And as always, get in touch by dropping us a line or sending an email with any questions. We love what we do, and we’re always up to chatting about more recommendations or answering questions. Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there.