16 May 2020

How to Keep Your Spirits Up | TheDrinksBasket

How To Keep Your Spirits High During Lock Down

We're in lockdown. No going outside apart from for your essential travel, to pick up medical supplies, your weekly food shop or visiting someone you are caring for. It is times like these, where you could find yourself drumming your fingers, you know if you're lucky enough not to be homeschooling. But, even if you are, this article might still help you find the right time of morning courage or evening reward!

It is the perfect time to be trying new things; every day is an indoor adventure, right? We think that this is the ideal time to experiment with your spirits, here, we're committed to helping you keep them as high as possible. If you've always been a wine drinker, a beer guzzler or perhaps a tequila partier, now is the time to expand a refine your tastes, what else are you going to do?

We Disagree with the Doctors on This Point

According to doctors, regardless of what you drink, you will feel the same type of intoxication. All of it does the same thing, whether you are necking a jaeger bomb or sipping a crisp cider. But that just doesn't ring true with us. Yes, medically we're sure they are totally right, alcohol's effect on the body is well known.

But, in terms of how alcohol makes us feel when we drink it, we know that each drink is not the same. We all know the emotional wine drinker, who breaks down after the second glass, or the overly energetic Vodka drinker, or even the sleepy ale gulper. Very different drinks, very different results, even if the same person drinks them.

So this begs the questions, what should you try during your time in isolation to keep your spirits high?


We know that Jax Jones likes tequila, as the release of their recent chart hit sees them tell us the plight of a... Pidgeon and the need for the dark liquor. You know it makes sense. It does go without saying though, that fast consumption of this drink will lower your inhibitors and make you ready to party. Just be prepared for an assured morning hangover. Feeling like you’d like a sweet twist to your beverage?Salted caramel tequila; you’re welcome.

Are you Looking to Be More Sophisticated, Darling?

When you walk into a friends home, and they present a bottle of whiskey, it instantly emanates a sense of class, especially if they offer it in an elegant decanter. Don't be fooled though, while this drink provides the ability to elevate one's status indefinitely, gulp it down and you'll find yourself down with the gutter inhabitants. Sip with leisure, don't overdo it!

Why are Pirates called Pirates? Because they'ARRRRR!

It be true maties, those looking to wet their whistle on the finest of bounties best be tryin' a rum!

Ok, enough of all that, but it's true - if you've never tried a rum, you're missing out. Alongside a splash of coke, a sweet spiced or coconut rum, or it's slightly more potent dark cousin will be great new additions to your palette. Or, if you fancy a fruity twist - so you don’t get scurvy - why not try our spiced apple rum? Sit back, sling on your favourite swashbuckling film and enjoy,

There are so many spirits you could try over these next few months; this list barely touches the surface. However, we hope it gives you a good idea of favourites that you could try to keep those spirits high.


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