27 Jan 2021

National Cheese Lovers Day January 2020 | TheDrinksBasket

Drinks to help that cheese go down on National Cheese Lovers Day!

Ah it’s the most wonderful time of year again… National cheese lovers day! After overcoming a difficult year (to put it lightly) we all need a little pick-me-up and what could be better than celebrating some of the very finest mould known to man?

 For those of you who aren’t familiar with this beloved holiday it’s a day for your inner connoisseur to come out. For you to celebrate all things cheese, while learning about some new ones.

 There aren’t many other foods in the world that hold such a rich history as cheese. Legend has it that the very first record of the smelly delicacy dates all the way back to 5,500 BCE! Plus, it goes great with wine and what more reason do you need to celebrate something than that?

 So grab your cheese boards and have your bottle openers at the ready- we’re going to show you our favourite pairings for this special occasion.

 Starting with a classic drink for the ages: Port and Blue Stilton



You know what they say: the sweeter the wine the smellier the cheese- and blue stilton is one of the most pungent there is… yum!


For those who prefer a red: Cabernet Sauvignon and Gouda



If you fancy something heartier, a firm cheese is the best cheese for a red wine.


Champagne and Brie



It’s the best day of the year! Don’t hesitate to celebrate in style with some bubbly and Brie.


Feeling Adventurous? Go for Tempranillo and Idiazabal



Hey it’s not a trip to Spain but it’s the next best thing. Perfect for the lockdown blues, send your taste buds on a holiday instead with this smoky Spanish combination- we can already feel a siesta coming on...


Creamy Mild Cheddar and Chardonnay *chefs kiss*



Don’t let the reds have all the fun! A splash of Chardonnay with a slice of creamy cheddar is the perfect balance, anytime, anywhere.

 These are just some of our favourites, but we want to know yours too! Make sure to share how you’re taking part in the cheesiest day of the year through social media find us on Instagram @thedrinksbasket.


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