St Patricks Day!

So it’s that time of year is again, yes, March, no, I mean, St Patricks Day!

You could be forgiven for thinking he’s the patron saint of Guinness, but apparently that is not the case (trust me I googled it).

It’s a time when many we know (well men mainly) seem to conveniently discover some hidden Irish heritage that they’d kept secret for the previous 11 months of the year. I’m looking at you Jose!!...Or alternately, there are those that actually are Irish, yes they do exist, and well, ‘ok we know you’re Irish’, but did you really have to paint yourself in green and dress up as a leprechaun? Or is it because you are devoid of personality, and so the only way you can get noticed is by dressing like a complete prat?...I know, I’m being a bad sport aren’t I, I think it’s because I’m not Irish and have no realistic prospect of convincing people otherwise…you could say I’m ‘green’ with envy (is that laughter I can hear?, ok).

Well the good thing about this year is that St Patricks Day, or St Paddy’s Day (as it’s affectionately known by the less politically correct among us), falls on a Friday!...Yayy…So that means you ‘could’ go out to your local pub, or hit the bars in the city, sampling the best stout and whiskey that Ireland has to offer!...But, standing around in a crowded pub/bar might not be everyone’s cup of Irish coffee…Ha…no, but seriously, you may wish to spend the evening at home enjoying a few drinks before you hit the church for midnight mass…(I really need to use a word other than ‘hit’ don’t I—FYI I'm not trying to insinuate there is, in any way whatsoever, a link between St Patrick’s Day and drunken punch-ups)…so if you do plan to stay in, then why not treat yourself to a few of our Irish whiskies, such as Paddy’s, Jameson Redbreast and Jameson Black Barrel, or Irish liqueurs, including the family favourite Baileys Original (with the aforementioned products all being under promotional pricing for this limited period), it'll be a great way to celebrate a great occasion!