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Don’t Let Coronavirus Ruin St Patrick’s Day



The St Patrick’s Day parades are to be among the most significant social events to be affected by the COVID-19 virus to date. Since early February, thousands of us have had the pleasure of changing our plans. On March 11th, organisers of the New York City St Patrick’s parade cancelled the event joining Dublin, Boston, Denver and New Orleans in their actions. But, just because parades are being cancelled doesn’t mean that you should cancel St Patrick’s day altogether.

In the UK, the Scottish government has warned that we shouldn’t be having gatherings of over 500 people. While this puts parades off the table, it doesn’t stop you from holding your own celebrations - and we’ve got some great ideas for you to get the coronavirus off you mind, at least for one evening… and possibly the next morning.

Celebrate Irish Poetry - With Irish Coffee

If you’re of the artistic persuasion and value in-depth discussion over a warm beverage, then this one’s for you. Ireland has been the birthplace of many-a-famous poet. The likes of:

  • WB Yeats,
  • Seamus Heaney,
  • Patrick Kavanagh,
  • Samuel Beckett,
  • Jane Wilde, and
  • Eavan Boland,

to name but a few! All of these talented writers can inspire debate across a great many themes including, gender, society, oppression, fear, nature and much more. Ruffle some feathers, spend some opinions, but most of all enjoy the pure genius Ireland has to offer.

And, what would heated debate be without a hot beverage to warm the creative cavities of your being and lubricate the vocal cords for a long day, and evening, of usage? Irish coffee, a delicious blend of finest Irish Whiskey such as Jamesons, heavy cream, and your favourite brewed coffee. We love this Irish coffee recipe from Delish.

The Great Irish Bake Off

Love a day of baking? Or perhaps you’d like to throw a party where everyone brings an Irish inspired bake to be judged accordingly! Whichever you prefer, there are plenty of brilliantly alcoholic Irish inspirations you could try your luck with. Some of our favourites, in no particular order, are:

  1. Porter cake - A moist fruit cake, best made with a dark, rich stout. Perfect with a hot drink to wash it down. Scrumptious. We think Nick’s got it right with his recipe, take a look.
  2. Orange-Scented Whiskey Soufflé Pie - As it cools, the height diminishes, and it ends up looking more like a pie or quiche. Great at room temperature or slightly warm, the flavour improves with time. Ken at Hungry Rabbit got this one spot on.
  3. Irish Whiskey and Stout Chocolate Cake - If you want to hand out a challenge, or give it a go yourself, this multilayered cake will be worth the effort. Draped in Whiskey cream cheese icing and caramel sauce… oof. It’s delicious. Maryanne’s recipe will take you through every step. Good luck!
  4. Baileys Brownies - What’s not to like? Rich fudge-like brownies that melt in the mouth. A calorific, indulgent, treat that saying no to would be a sin. We think you should try Holly’s recipe.
  5. Guinness Cake - A rich, fluffy and wholesome sponge that goes perfect with brandy cream and a hot beverage. Our favourite recipe guide comes from Katie Quinn.

A Day of Irish Music With Shots

If you want to party like there’s no tomorrow, then don’t let anything stop you! The list of incredible music Ireland has offered and continues to offer the world is remarkable, so turn the volume up and lose yourself to dance.

As the day turns to night, you might want to add something extra to your drinks offering. Well, why not get creative? It will require a little preparation on the host’s behalf. Shots. But not just any shot - these are a bit different.

Delish’s Pot O’ Gold Shots

We hope they won’t mind us showcasing their incredible creation here - but these pot of gold shots are brilliant. Making use of whiskey, jelly and rainbow laces, they look and taste great!



Slim Pickins’ Baby Guinness Jello Shots


Not only are these shots adorable, but they taste great. Slim Pikins Kitchen got these very right. Making use of jelly and Guinness, surprise and indulge your guests in a favourite Irish stout, miniaturised.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some idea for your St Patrick’s day celebrations. For any of your alcohol needs, we’re always here - especially useful if you’re not feeling up to facing the supermarkets! Please place your order today, or contact us with any questions or requirements.