Buckfast Tonic Wine 75cl

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Buckfast Tonic Wine is a fortified wine with a twist – a touch of caffeine! Originally created by monks in Devon, England, this bold beverage boasts over 125 years of history.

What makes Buckfast unique?

  • Fortified wine base: Offers a bolder flavor profile than table wines.
  • Added caffeine: Equivalent to roughly nine cans of cola, for an invigorating pick-me-up (be mindful of caffeine intake).
  • Unique flavor: Sweet and full-bodied, with notes of dark fruit, cola, and a hint of spice.

Buckfast is a conversation starter, perfect for those who:

  • Appreciate a rich and robust beverage.
  • Enjoy the intriguing history behind the drink.
  • Want to try something different.

Please note: Buckfast's high caffeine content makes it important to consume responsibly.