Copperhead Black Batch London Dry Gin 50cl

  • ABV: 42%
  • Closure: Cork
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With a smart, black apothecary style bottle, Copperhead Black Batch Gin combines the smoky flavour of Ceylon tea with fresh elderberries. Steeped in mythology, it is said that its creator Mr Copperhead became transfixed with the notion of the elderberry bush having healing properties, and he also believed that their presence was a way of repelling evil. Whatever the truth is, the resulting Gin that was created surely packs a punch. Infused with a sweet fragrant elderberry flavour as well as pungent aromats like orange zest, cardamom and coriander, this really is a Gin like no other. Herby, floral and with a somewhat spicy kick, this Gin easily sets itself apart from the crowd. Enjoy with a simple tonic or splashed over ice to savour its truly interesting flavour.