Diplomatico No.2 Barbet Gold Rum 70cl

  • ABV: 47%
  • Closure: Screw
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Add a bottle of Diplomtico Barbet Rum to your rum collection for a taste like no other. This is the second offering in a limited-edition series of speciality spirits from Venezuelan rum producers Diplomatico. By focussing on a short run, it means that a great amount of attention to detail has been put into developing a great full-bodied flavour. Imparting a rich, complex oak flavour from its barrel aging, this Barbet Rum has a smooth fruitiness with a taste of the tropics. With a base of sugar cane molasses, this rum has flavour notes of smoky tobacco, milk chocolate and sweet raisins along with a somewhat floral quality. Enjoy straight up over ice to really enjoy the different levels of flavour that this Rum has to offer.