Don Papa 10 Year Old Dark Rum 70cl

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  • ABV: 43%
  • Closure: Cork
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Don Papa 10 Year Old Rum is a super-premium aged rum made by the Don of all rums, Don Papa, from the island of Negros in the Philippines, known as the sugar cane capital of the region. Its dark amber, almost black colour tells you right off the bat that this is one bold rum, packing intense flavour and depth. Don Papa 10 Year Old Rum is made from dark molasses, giving it rich notes of dark chocolate, earthy raisins, and hints of smoke. It’s further aged in charred American oak barrels, which impart distinct notes of smoky oak and vanilla. The dark colour and rich texture are also due to an increased amount of what the rum-makers call ‘Angel’s share,’ the amount of liquid that evaporates through the porous barrels during maturation. Because of the high humidity of the Mount Kanlaon region where it’s made, the Angel’s share is high, resulting in a more concentrated formula. With such a legacy behind it, Don Papa 10 Year Old Rum is best enjoyed all by itself, neat on the rocks. Even the bottle is a real work of art, a flourish of black and white filigree that looks great against the dark magic inside. Don Papa 10 Year Old Rum has only been out for a few years, but it’s already earned itself a top spot in the category.

  • Don Papa 10 Year Old Rum is a limited-edition, super-premium dark aged rum made in the Philippines
  • Produced from high-quality molasses, it’s rich in flavours of dark chocolate, raisins, and smoky vanilla notes
  • Maturation in charred American oak barrels gives it an even darker, smokier edge
  • The high humidity of where it’s made results in a large amount of evaporate during the maturation process, yielding a thicker, more concentrated formula
  • Sip neat on the rocks for the best way to truly appreciate the depth and flavour