Garden Swift Gin 50cl

  • ABV: 47%
  • Closure: Cork
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Garden Swift Gin is a small-batch botanical gin distilled in the Cotswolds from 34 different herbs and botanicals. According to its creator, Garden Swift Gin is meant to capture the essence of each season’s spoils of verdant grasslands and wildflowers. Of course the actual blend is a secret, but the makers—the prestigious Capreolus Distillery—have given us a few hints along the likes of Sicilian blood orange zest and British lime tree flowers. Yet it's not only what's in it that gives Garden Swift Gin its magical qualities, it's also the way these essences make their way into the formula. The blend of seeds, spices, herbs, fruits, roots and flowers are either macerated directly into the mix or gently steam-infused, giving the finished product both strength of flavour as well as a delicate edge. The final Garden SwiftGin comes out both distinctive and special—you know it's a gin, but the spicy, herbal, floral notes that come out in both the flavour and the aroma tell you it's something much better. Enjoy Garden Swift Gin in a number of drinks and cocktails. Believe us when we say if you try Garden Swift Gin in a G&T, you'll never look at another gin again. • Infused with secret mix of florals and botanicals to give it a magical, herbal quality • Natural formula includes British lime tree flowers and Sicilian blood orange zest • Produced by the prestigious Capreolus Distillery • Perfect for mixing up gin and tonics with an unexpected edge • Premium gin with a twist