Get 27 Peppermint Liqueur 70cl

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  • ABV: 21%
  • Closure: Screw
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Get 27 Peppermint Liqueur packs a minty punch that turns whatever you drink it with into a refreshing trip to the arctic! Ok, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but this minty French classic is one of the most popular cremes de menthe on the market. Before we tell you all about it, let’s get one thing straight—‘Get’ is pronounced like ‘Jet’, and knowing this will save you from getting strange looks when you order some in a bar. Basically, Get 27 Peppermint Liqueur is a minty tipple that’s been around since 1796, but has become all the rage in recent years among the discotheque-set because of its ability to instantly impart minty fresh breath. The ‘27’ part comes from its original percentage of alcohol, but it’s since been reduced to 21. There’s something mystical about its characteristic green colour, too—like if you see it behind the bar in a dodgy club, you suddenly know it’s going to be a great night. Typically, Get 27 Peppermint Liqueur is taken in shots, but its minty-ness makes it perfect for a variety of cocktails. You can keep it classy and try something traditional like a Grasshopper (Get 27, white crème de cacao, and single cream) or skip the queue and go straight to indulgent with a Chocolate Paradise (chocolate milk and Get 27). Throw in some Get 27 Peppermint Liqueur with some lemonade at your next garden party to make your punch pack an extra…punch. Just remember, no matter how you enjoy Get 27 Peppermint Liqueur, the point is to have fun.

  • Get 27 Peppermint Liqueur is a French mint-based liqueur
  • Created in 1796, it’s one of the best-known cremes de menthe in the world
  • A recent resurgence of Get 27 on the club scene has brought it back in fashion
  • Enjoy with a variety of cocktails, both classic and new, or take as shooters