Hoxton Pink Gin 70cl

  • ABV: 40%
  • Closure: Screw
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Introducing Hoxton Pink Gin, a vibrant and contemporary twist on a classic spirit. Inspired by the vibrant energy of London's nightlife, this gin combines traditional botanicals with a burst of fruity flavors, resulting in a captivating and refreshing taste experience. Hoxton Pink Gin starts with a base of premium English wheat spirit, providing a smooth and clean canvas for the infusion of botanicals. Crafted with care, it is then delicately infused with a medley of handpicked strawberries, exotic hibiscus flowers, and a hint of sweet ginger, creating a unique flavor profile that is both lively and sophisticated. The aroma of Hoxton Pink Gin is a tantalizing blend of ripe strawberries and delicate floral notes, offering an enticing invitation to indulge in its vibrant flavors. Upon tasting, you'll be treated to a harmonious combination of juicy strawberries, subtle hints of spice, and a touch of floral elegance, all balanced to perfection. With its striking pink hue, Hoxton Pink Gin adds a playful and stylish touch to any occasion. Enjoy it over ice for a refreshing and effortless sip, or let it shine in a variety of innovative cocktails. From a delightful pink gin and tonic garnished with fresh strawberries to imaginative mixology creations, this gin offers a world of possibilities for creative concoctions. Hoxton Pink Gin is not only a feast for the senses but also a reflection of the modern gin drinker's taste. Its contemporary and approachable flavor profile makes it a perfect choice for both gin enthusiasts and those new to the world of spirits, opening the door to a world of vibrant and exciting gin experiences. Embrace the spirit of London's vibrant nightlife with Hoxton Pink Gin and discover a new dimension of flavor, elegance, and fun. Whether you're hosting a gathering, celebrating a special occasion, or simply enjoying a night in, Hoxton Pink Gin is the perfect companion to elevate your drinking experience. Cheers to the pink gin revolution!