Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey 70cl

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Jameson Black Barrel is a Jameson Select Reserve Irish Whiskey that differs from its brothers and sisters in the Jameson line because it undergoes an additional charring during the ageing process, giving it even deeper notes of nuts, spices, vanilla sweetness, and even a dash of sherry fruitiness. Jameson Black Barrel is made from a triple-distilled combination of pot still and grain whiskey, blended and aged in sherry casks and bourbon barrels to instil flavour and colour. The nose of the finished product is creamy and sweet, with notes of butterscotch, toffee, pepper, and even fruity notes of juicy nectarine and crisp apple. The palate of Jameson Black Barrel comes alive as a result of the charring, with intense spices, toasted nuts, and tart, sherry notes. Overall, Jameson Black Barrel is smooth and mellow from beginning to end—the delightfully rich and satisfying experience you’ve come to expect from Jameson.