Ki No Bi Kyoto Japanese Gin 70cl

  • ABV: 45.7%
  • Closure: Screw
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KiNoBi Kyoto Japanese Gin is the first of its kind, a Japanese-distilled gin made right in Kyoto, using botanicals and herbs sourced locally. As far as tradition goes, this stuff sticks to classic, nice and dry and herbaceous, but brings with it a distinct Japanese accent. KiNoBi Kyoto Japanese Gin is made with a rice spirit base, to which locally grown ingredients like juniper berries, yellow yuzu from the north of Kyoto Prefecture, hinoki wood chips (taken from Japanese cypress), bamboo, gyokuro tea from the Uji region, and green sansho (Japanese peppercorn) berries, are added. The distillation process of KiNoBi Kyoto Japanese Gin is quite unique, in that the botanicals used are divided into six categories: base, citrus, tea, herbal, spice, and floral, each distilled individually before being blended together to create the perfect balance of KiNoBi Kyoto Japanese Gin. On the nose, it’s bright and fresh, with juniper and eucalyptus, and a slight dash of sweetness. On the palate, KiNoBi Kyoto Japanese Gin is a wave of crisp, clean flavour, warm and peppery but at the same time refreshing. It makes you really think about gin, and what sets a great one apart from the good ones. The best way to enjoy KiNoBi Kyoto Japanese Gin is on the rocks, with one solid ice cube, if possible, but it also makes a terrific martini, as well as a gin and tonic, as the tonic water heightens the aromas of the yuzu and sansho. Want to go a bit exotic? Try KiNoBi Kyoto Japanese Gin with hot water, 30ml of each, and serve like hot sake. When warm, the botanicals reach new aromatic heights!

  • KiNoBi Kyoto Japanese Gin is the only Japanese gin distilled and blended in Kyoto
  • Locally-sourced botanical ingredients include juniper, yuzu, hinoki wood chips, bamboo, gyokuro tea, and Japanese peppercorn
  • This premium gin can be enjoyed a variety of ways, from a classic gin and tonic to served hot, like sake