La Fee Absinthe Blanche 70 cl

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For a great twist on the classic vivid green Absinthe, why not try this Blanche version from La Fee. With all the same great taste of aniseed that Absinthe is famous for, this clear spirit is sweeter and smoother than its coloured counterparts. Created using 11 herbs and spices, Absinthe Blanche is also tested and approved by Marie-Clause Delahay, the founder and curator of Le Musee de I?Absinthe. What other seal of approval do you need? At a substantial 53% ABV this is the ideal flavoured spirit to sip on its own or as part of a cocktail. With flavour notes of anise, coriander, fennel and the famed wormwood it is a great way to make a complex and fresh tasting drink. For traditionalists, why not try Le Fee Blanche neat with a little iced water and watch it turn the glass cloudy with a blue-white louche.