Louis Latour Bourgogne Gamay 2016 75cl

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Louis Latour Bourgogne Gamay is a light to medium-bodied red, that’s bright in both flavour and colour. Think vibrant notes of ripe, sweet fruits—cherry, blackcurrant, and strawberry—balanced with a lovely tartness that keeps it fresh and juicy. Hints of peppery and spicy notes with a dash of smokiness give it the perfect touch of warmth, while fine-grained tannins add body and structure without ever being overwhelming. Louis Latour Bourgogne Gamay sports a ruby-red hue that represents a blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir grapes, known for being very complementary to each other in terms of flavour and depth. As a fine red, Louis Latour Bourgogne Gamay is also quite a versatile. It’s got enough body to stand on its own as a sipping red, and ready to drink as soon as it’s uncorked. And because it’s so juicy and light, it makes an ideal red for enjoying in the summertime or in warmer weather—just chill slightly before drinking. If you’re bringing this one to the table, you’ll find it pairs well with charcuterie, the saltiness and smokiness of the meats perfectly playing off the fruits of the wine. Serve with roasts and slow-cooked meats to really bring out the red essence, and even serve with a variety of cheeses for a taste of the French countryside wherever you are. Louis Latour Bourgogne Gamay is a red you can savour in so many ways.

• Louis Latour Bourgogne Gamay is a Burgundy red made from a blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir grapes
• It’s got a light to medium body, which makes it ideal for serving in warm weather, or as a summertime red
• Juicy, with notes of sweet, ripe fruits, like cherry, strawberry, and blackcurrant, balanced with a mouthwatering tartness
• This versatile red can be enjoyed on its own or served up with a variety of dishes.