Luxardo Sambuca 70cl

  • ABV: 38%
  • Closure: Screw
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Luxardo Sambuca is a household name in Italy for Sambuca, that classic, aniseed-flavoured after-dinner liqueur with a sweet, spicy taste and a name that makes you want to dance. Traditionally, every Mediterranean country has their own anise-based liqueur, and for Italy, it’s always been Sambuca. Historically, anise has been revered for its fragrant quality and health benefits, most notably helping to alleviate the symptoms of over-eating. Since 1921, Luxardo Sambuca dei Cesari has been making this traditional Sambuca formulation, a simple recipe consisting of steam-distilling Sicilian star anise seeds, then adding a solution of concentrated sugar and other natural aromas and botanicals, including Paduan elderberries. Finally, a further maturation in Finnish wooden barrels helps mellow the flavour. There are so many ways to enjoy Luxardo Sambuca, ranging from baked
goods and desserts to serving as an after-dinner digestif. The most traditional way to serve it is ice cold, with three espresso beans on top, and gently sipping it. It’s also great added to coffee, where the sweetness and spice of the Luxardo Sambuca meets the warmth and bitterness of the coffee, a drinkable dessert match made in heaven.

• Luxardo Sambuca is one of the most famous brands of Sambuca in Italy
• Traditional Italian after-dinner digestif made from aniseed and other botanicals
• Made from a traditional recipe since 1821
• Can be used in baking, sipped ice cold, added to coffee, and more