Maker's Mark 46 Bourbon Whiskey 70cl

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  • ABV: 47%
  • Closure: Screw
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Maker’s Mark 46 Kentucky Bourbon Whisky is the longer-aged companion to the original Maker’s Mark formula, specially matured to bring about more intense flavours of the vanilla and caramel that make aged bourbon whiskies so distinctive. The ‘46’ in Maker’s Mark 46 Kentucky Bourbon Whisky comes from the number of different wood combinations the brand tried before settling on seared French oak staves, specially treated to lock in the tannins that would otherwise bring about bitterness. Bottled at a mellow 47% ABV, Maker’s Mark 46 Kentucky Bourbon Whisky is one fantastic formula, sweet and satisfying with a nose of smoky aromatic spices. On the palate, the vanilla notes play out even further, accented by cardamom and just the right amount of oakiness to complement a soft burn. Essentially, Maker’s Mark 46 starts as fully-matured Maker’s Mark, which is then matured in bespoke wood barrels for at least nine weeks in a cold environment, what the bourbon-making folks in Kentucky consider a short winter season. This lead to the creation of a special limestone-lined ageing cellar, making it possible for the makers of Makers Mark to bring you Makers Mark 46 Kentucky Bourbon Whisky year-round. Break this one out anytime you really want to impress, or especially around the holiday season, when the extra heat and spicy aromatics are sure to go the extra mile.