Mandarine Napoleon Liqueur 70cl

  • ABV: 38%
  • Closure: Screw
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Mandarine Napoleon Liqueur is a robust blend of aged cognac and zesty mandarins that was developed for the land-hungry emperor himself. It all goes back to the mid-19th century, when Napoleon met chemist Antoine-Francois de Fourcroy, famed distiller, and had this exclusive tipple made for him. But Mandarine Napoleon Liqueur was never enjoyed by anyone but Napoleon himself until after his death, as it wasn’t until 1892 that the formula was made available to the public. So what’s in it? Mandarine Napoleon starts with premium cognac that’s been aged for 10 years, to which the essential oil of the finest Sicilian mandarins is introduced, as well as four spices known for their bold, aromatic qualities. It’s sweet, zesty, and with an herbaceous quality that makes it one of the most interesting liqueurs we’ve tried. So much more than just orangey, the cognac adds that special something. As you can imagine, Mandarine Napoleon makes for an exotic lineup of cocktails, including Mandarine Passion (Mandarine Napoleon, dry gin, and passion fruit juice) or the ultra-chic Paris Opera (Mandarine Napoleon, Pernod liquorice liqueur, and lemonade), or you can just go for it and sip over ice to let the strong magic do its thing.

• Unique blend of aged cognac and Sicilian mandarin peel.
• Originally developed for the Emperor Napoleon.
• Versatile orange liqueur is a great way to spice up a variety of drinks.
• Perfect for serving during the holidays