Mezcal Union Uno 70cl

  • ABV: 40%
  • Closure: Cork
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Add a bottle of traditional Mexican mezcal to your drink?s cabinet with this fresh tasting Mezcal Union Uno. Icy clear, this 8 years-aged spirit is created from 100 percent native Espadin and Cirial agave plants. The creators of this particular spirit have been making this great value-for-money mezcal for three generations and are a great example of the craft that goes into making this complex drink. With hints of smoky, earthiness imparted from the carefully selected agave Mezcal Union Uno also has crisp notes of citrus to add a refreshing balance. Enjoy neat or create a zingy mixed drink with lime juice and ice, topped up with beer and garnished with fresh ginger, cucumber and a pinch of chili powder to create a ?Mula Union?.