Mombasa Club Strawberry Edition Gin 70cl

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  • ABV: 37.5%
  • Closure: Screw
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Mombasa Club Strawberry Edition Gin is a strawberry-infused version of the world-famous exotic gin brand, and a simple way to give your next gathering that British garden party twist it needs. The original takes its name from the world-famous Mombasa Club of the nineteenth century, set just in front of the Island of Zanzibar, and was imported to provide the G part of the then-exclusive G&Ts enjoyed by the members of the club. For years, the traditional recipe held its own, a classic gin made with all the right botanicals, plus the addition of clove and cumin for an unexpected edge. Nowadays, just in time for the small-batch artisan gin craze that shows no signs of stopping, we’ve got Mombasa Club Strawberry Edition Gin. Infused with real strawberries and other red fruit essences, this is one terrific pink gin that is anything but delicate. On the nose, it’s everything a great gin should be—juniper lead, clean, and herbaceous. Then you notice the fruity notes—juicy strawberries, the enticing aroma of tart fruits and a dash of acidity for texture. Mombasa Club Strawberry Edition Gin is ideal for the summer months and warmer weather, when your usual gin and tonics need a seasonal boost. Serve up with some sliced strawberries for a garnish and your guests will ask for seconds and thirds. And be creative! Try Mombasa Club Strawberry Edition Gin in your summer fruit cups and punches, as well as a variety of fruity tall drinks. Let the sweetness and unique flavour combination of gin and strawberries fly!

  • Mombasa Club Strawberry Edition Gin is infused with strawberries and other red fruits for a sweet, refreshing twist on the original formula
  • Part of the exciting category of pink gins
  • Versatile formula is great in a gin and tonic, but also mixes up well in a variety of other cocktails and summer punches
  • Great refreshing drink for the warm weather