Monin Chocolate Syrup 70cl

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  • Closure: Screw
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Add a heady shot of chocolate flavour to cocktails, shooters or boozy milkshakes with this great tasting Monin chocolate syrup. Chocolate has been well loved for centuries, with its origins been traced back to around the time of 1900 BC and I can?t imagine it?s going to fall out of favour anytime soon! While it was originally enjoyed in its simple, pure cocoa form it was the Europeans that made it into the sweet and creamy confection that we so love today. This sweet chocolate syrup is a simple way of adding a chocoholic twist to an old favourite like an Espresso Martini, whipping up an aptly named Death by Chocolate (chocolate syrup, ice cream, coffee liqueur and Vodka) or just being a great excuse to try out something new altogether. Get creative and treat your sweet tooth to something a bit different today.