Monin Cranberry Syrup 70cl

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  • Closure: Screw
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A festive favourite both in England and across the pond, cranberries have a great tart taste which makes them ideal for drinking, eating and most importantly, cocktail making. Probably the most well-known drink that uses cranberries is the Cosmopolitan, which has a great tangy flavour and a pretty, reddish hue. This Sex and The City girl?s favourite is a mainstay on any discerning cocktail menu and is easy to mix up at home. Each bottle of Monin cranberry syrup is packed to the brim with the juicy yet slightly sharp flavour that is just ideal for balancing fruity cocktails. Add a measure alongside fruit juices, sodas and fresh tasting spirits and discover just how versatile it can be. This syrup is perfect dashed into a well-loved classic like a Martini or for creating a brand-new drink with a fresh and festive taste.