Monin Gum Syrup 70cl

  • ABV: 0%
  • Closure: Screw
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Gum syrup, despite its name tastes nothing like bubble gum (That?s a different tasting syrup entirely!) Instead, it is a careful mix of fragrant orange blossom with gum Arabic, which is an alternative to the traditional cane sugar, which is often included in cocktail recipes. Gum syrup is a great way to enhance the natural flavours in a cocktail or to simply balance out any sharpness with a little sweet. Adding sugar straight up can sometimes make the drink feel grainy, so adding a splash of sweetness in syrup form can lift a cocktail?s taste with adding in any extra strong flavours of changing the texture. Perfect in any number of the classics, such as Daiquiris or Cosmopolitans and often used to balance the sharpness of a Whiskey Sour, this is a great, versatile syrup that is well worth having in your drinks cabinet.