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Nikka Coffey Gin 70cl

Nikka Coffey Gin 70cl


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Nikka Coffey Gin comes to us from the same Nikka distillers responsible for some of the best-known and loved Japanese whisky in the world. Master distillers, these guys, and their gin is really top-drawer quality. Nikka Coffey Gin is produced in the same type of continuous coffey stills the brand’s whisky is famous for, and has a slightly fruity flavour, thanks to the blend of botanicals and exotic fruits packed into the recipe, including Japanese citruses yuzu, kabosu, amanatsu, and shikuwasa. On the nose, you’ll get a nice citrus burst, a lot of peels and pith, and a slightly minty, eucalyptus note in the back. On the palate, it’s an overall refreshing gin, bringing a lovely balance of citrus zest meets crisp, tangy apples and spicy shansho pepper, which adds an inimitable twist. An especially unique aspect of Nikka Coffey Gin is the finish, which comes with an unexpectedly bitter side, but it’s a balanced bitter, so quite savoury. There are many ways to properly enjoy Nikka Coffey Gin. Perhaps the most obvious is with tonic water, which is actually far from basic because it does a real number on bringing out the citrus notes of the gin a bit further, and the bitterness of the tonic nicely balances the bitterness of the gin. It’s also great for gin cocktails that are big on power, such as a negroni—again, the bitterness of the Campari is a perfect pairing with the inherent bitterness of the Nikka Coffey Gin, and the citrus notes become quite pronounced as well. And speaking of Campari--if you’re a fan of Amaro digestifs, you’ll love Nikka Coffey Gin and its unique depth of flavour.

  • Nikka Coffey Gin made from the same company responsible for some of the world’s best known and loved Japanese whisky
  • Citrus-influenced gin is fresh and zesty, and features a unique bitterness that makes it similar to an Amaro-style digestif
  • Perfect for serving up with tonic, as well as a variety of other drinks, such as a negroni
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