Old J Cherry Spiced Rum 70cl

  • ABV: 35%
  • Closure: Screw
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Old J Cherry Spiced Rum is as juicy and delicious as the name sounds! If you like the brand’s classic gold spiced rum, you’ll love this version, infused with marasca cherries. Old J is famous for their flavoured spiced rum formulations, known for quite a taste explosion, and Old J Cherry Spiced Rum takes it to a fruity new level. It all starts with premium Caribbean rum and a well-rounded blend of spices that combine with the heat of the rum to give you a warming, satisfying feeling. Take a whiff, and the first thing you’ll notice is the blast of vanilla and lime that makes you feel tropical and free, but go a bit further with a sip and then the real magic starts. On the palate, Old J Cherry Spiced Rum is smooth and creamy, the cherry giving it some added sweetness, but definitely not too sweet. Add some ice and cola, and you’ve got yourself a cherry cola with a whole new spirit. Keep a bottle of Old J Cherry Spiced Rum around for a terrific way to brighten up a variety of cocktails.

  • Based on the brand’s best-selling gold spiced rum, infused with marasca cherries
  • Well-rounded spiciness features notes of vanilla and lime on the nose and plenty of heat and warmth
  • Perfect for mixing up with cola for a cherry cola with a spicy kick
  • Old J Cherry Spiced Rum is ideal to serve up during the holidays