Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Gold Rum 70cl

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Plantation Rum XO 20th Anniversary rum is a truly special rum that comes in its own decanter bottle. How’s that for fancy? Deep amber in colour, it’s made from a blend of Barbadian rums spanning 12 to 20 years old, which undergoes a two-stage maturation process. First it’s aged in Barbados, then transferred to Cognac, France, for further ageing in old Pierre Ferrand cognac barrels. The flavour profile of Plantation Rum XO is rich and delectable: at first it’s floral and fruity on the nose, then sweet with marshmallow and cocoa; the palate is rife with toffee and molasses and touches of cinnamon and spice. Overall, Plantation Rum XO is a bone fide award winner that is sure to hold a special place in the hearts and top shelves of true rum aficionados.