Roku Gin 70cl

  • ABV: 43%
  • Closure: Screw
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Roku Gin comes to us from the legendary Suntory Distillery in Japan, and as you’d expect from such a reputable name, their gin offering is absolutely cracking. From the striking bottle to the stuff inside, Roku Gin is a paradigm in Japanese craftsmanship, steeped in tradition. The idea behind Roku Gin is an authentic representation of Japanese philosophy, thought and design, starting with a journey through the four seasons represented by six key Japanese botanicals. The recipe begins with the customary fixings: juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, cardamom, cinnamon, bitter orange peel, and lemon peel. Then the magic that is Roku Gin takes form with the addition of typical Japanese seasonal offerings, harvested at the peak of each season to ensure the highest quality flavour, and distilled to fully embody the blessings of nature. For spring, there is Sakura flower and Sakura leaf; for summer, sencha tea and Gyokuro tea; for autumn there is Sansho pepper, and for winter, yuzu peel. Flavour-wise, it’s unmistakably a gin, with strong notes of juniper and other earthy botanicals, but pour onto ice with some tonic and you’ll pick up on the distinct aroma of fruity sweetness and exotic spices. There’s even a green, herbaceous note that adds a refreshing side. The hexagonal bottle design of Roku Gin is six-sided—‘roku’ means ‘six’ in Japanese—and reflects the aesthetics of Japan. The label of the bottle is printed on washi paper and emblazoned with traditional bold Japanese calligraphy to further highlight the Japanese craftsmanship and sentiment. • Roku Gin is made by the world-renowned Suntory Distillery in Japan, famous for crafting some of the best-known whisky and gin in the world • Unique formula is made with a variety of traditional Japanese botanicals that represent the four seasons • Super premium craft gin is ideal for enjoying a variety of ways • Perfect for the gin aficionado as a gift, especially considering the bottle could be a collector’s item