Soplica Mirabelkowa Plum Vodka 50cl

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  • ABV: 30%
  • Closure: Screw
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This Mirabelkowa plum Vodka from Polish distillery Soplica is a new, limited addition to the family. A combination of ripe and aromatic Mirabelle plums with smooth Vodka results in a great tasting spirit that is both sweet and jammy and slightly sour. The Mirabelle variety of plum is usually reserved for juice, jam and preserve making, thanks to their aromatic and fruity flavour. With a characteristic orange red hue, when left to mature in the sun, this spirit is coloured with their wonderfully sunny colour. Get your hands on a bottle whilst you still can and savour its great taste today. Serve on its own over ice or with a splash or neutral tasting premium soda water.