Taylor's 2013 Late Bottled Vintage Port 75cl

  • ABV: 20%
  • Closure: Screw
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Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage Port is a real prize of a port, coming to us from Taylor’s, one of the leading names in port for over three hundred years. If you’re new to port, or don’t quite understand the terminology, we’ll break it down for you nice and easy. Vintage port is aged in wood for only twenty months or so before it’s bottled, so you’ll need to age it further in order to enjoy it fully. Late bottled vintage, on the other hand, is aged longer in wood—about four to six years—and then bottled, where you can enjoy it without further ageing. Not only that, there’s no decanting necessary, and you can still enjoy it for several weeks after the cork has been drawn. Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage Port is deep ruby in colour, bringing a fresh, fragrant aroma of blackcurrant, cherry, spice, and liquorice. Sip it, and the magic begins, as on the palate, Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage Port opens up to reveal deep black fruits—plums and blackcurrants and even more cherries—with a decent tannic edge that adds plenty of body. Fully-balanced and fantastic, Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage port can be enjoyed many ways. Serve it up before dinner to whet the appetite, or save for afterward, when the craving for a little sweet creeps up.

• Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage Port has all the elegance of a vintage port, but is ready to drink out of the bottle—no further maturation or decanting necessary
• Full-bodied and fresh, it’s rich in dark berries, black fruits, and spicy liquorice
• Enjoy Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage Port a variety of ways—especially after dinner, when you crave something a little sweet
• From Taylor’s one of the leading names in port since 1692